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Some informational tidbits to share…

Remy at rest - RARE!

1. Our house is officially sold! This is a load of stress off our minds…now we only need to secure a dream house on the other end and all will be well on that front. Not only are we looking for something with lots of light, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms, there must be space for the baby grand, as well. Oh, and a fenced backyard for Remy as he spends 75% of his day outside. What a great little dog he’s turned out to be. πŸ™‚

2. The girls’ Royal Conservatory of Music examination results for their piano are in…BDs all passed with either Honours or First Class Honours and the eldest has earned her first 4 high school credits by taking the examination for Grade Seven Piano.

3. The official swim year with the Sharks has nearly ended. The banquet was on Sunday and eldest daughter received “Most Improved” in her age category while the youngest received the

Coach's Award with Coach Brian. Absent is Coach Tove who is currently coaching the Dawson Creek Seals.

“Coach’s Award” for her dedication, commitment, attitude and excellence. Go Sharks!

4. Though there is still snow on the mountains which makes for a cool breeze, it seems that summer is finally thinking about sticking around. Happy Days!

Will keep you posted on our comings and goings, I promise. Until then, wear your sunscreen!


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Part of my busyness a few weeks back was volunteering for the BC Seniors Games. There were 3 500 participants from all over BC, aged 55 and up. Swimming was my chosen venue and I can’t begin to tell you how fabulous it was to see all those Seniors in the pool doing their thing.

The oldest swimmer in the water was 91 years old. 91 years old! Just think about that for a moment. Amazing!

2010 BC Seniors Games

The swim teams from each area had different ways of demonstrating their team spirit…some had matching T-shirts/swim caps, some painted their toenails blue (men included!), and each member of this particular team had matching tattoos.

The proof is in the picture…you’re never too old for anything! πŸ™‚

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I am run ragged off my feet right now…my to do list is getting longer and longer by the day…but today I’m going to take the time to run out and buy a “Thank You” card and a box of chocolates.

Last night was the first night of registration for the swim club that my daughters swim with. As the club’s previous (and fabulous) registrar has moved away, I have stepped up to take her place. It’s a daunting task, to say the least, but I’ve been having fun with it and it’s a great way to help not only my kids, but all the others as well.

So, last night while I was helping families register, my two youngest daughters were partaking in an open swim. Just so you understand, not only are my daughters old enough to be in the pool by themselves, they are also accomplished swimmers and I don’t much worry about them anymore when it comes to pool time.

There was an incident last night, however, and to sum it up succinctly, two lifeguards dove into the pool after my middle daughter when they’d noticed she hadn’t resurfaced after a significant amount of time. Middle daughter was fine — she is a natural mermaid and can hold her breath forever it seems — but they didn’t know that.

So, I just want to take the time to say, “Thanks.” Had the situation been different, had they not been paying attention, my day and life and existence would have taken an entirely different route.

I can’t possibly imagine…

Thank You — not only to the lifeguards that were watching last night, but to all of those that watch day in and day out from the pool deck to help keep our children safe.

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