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I can’t remember when Part I was, but I do know that it was just a few years back and so forgive me if I’m a bit bitter. I’m tired of the phone calls, door knocking and unsightly signs. And I’m beyond tired of the smear campaigns and the finger pointing and foot stomping. Rather, I’m OUTRAGED! I know 3 year olds who behave with more dignity and diplomacy than the “BIG 3”  who insist upon their “I’m better because he’s worse” campaigns!” What a waste of breath, not to mention time and money. GROW UP already!

At any rate, I’ve been out the door and voted already this a.m. I apologize for the mini rant, but I do want to remind you that it is your DUTY to vote. If you can, take your children with you when you do. Show them by POSITIVE example how to be a responsible and democratic citizen so that they can learn to be one too.

When you get back, we can sit down and discuss you’d do if you were PM. The first thing I’d do is stop this campaigning nonsense. If someone wanted to be Prime Minister, well then they’d have better done a stellar job while holding their seat in Parliament and gotten some attention the good, old-fashioned way, because the signs and phone calls and smear campaigns would be gone!

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Dinner with the Prime Minister

So, my Beloved Mother-In-Law calls the other night and says, “We just had dinner with Clint’s boss.”

I hesitated, trying to think why Clint’s  Sergeant would be anywhere near where they live when I’d just seen him yesterday and he was clearly not on leave or getting ready to take any.

Perhaps it was the Warrant? Or the CO?

“What?” I asked, still confused and trying to imagine someone in combats sitting with Rick and Cindy at their dinner table.

“Stephen Harper. We just had dinner with him.”

“Oh. Stephen Harper. That guy!”

Turns out there was a retirement “to do” for someone in the Conservatives and Prime Minister Harper was there in support, as were my Beloved Parent in Laws.

That’s almost as cool as having tea with the Queen!

Above is a snap of the happy group.

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