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Having seen Wil perform live once before, having bought all his albums, having bought his wife’s jewelry to commemorate what an AWESOME time BH and I had that night, and then having met and chatted with Caroline (his wife) when she delivered said jewelry, I feel it is my obligation as both your friend, fellow blogger, music lover and human being to pass along the information I received in Wil’s latest newsletter… Wil is on tour!

I guarantee that if you can appreciate a good song, you will LOVE seeing him live…sadly though, he will RUIN you for other live performances. He is just that great.

This is what one fan had to say…


Wanted to leave this comment on your blog, but couldn’t seem to get it to work. Ah well. Just wanted to say that it was one of your shows, 6 or so years ago at Wild Bill’s in Banff, that got me really and truly hooked on live music. Your energy, passion and skill are totally unique and I was lucky enough to see you for the 13th time this past April at Knox United in Calgary (and the Tuesday before that at the Drake in Canmore!). 30-40 shows a year and I always look forward to being in front of your stage more than any other artist; bringing new people to your shows every single time to try and bring them into the fold. I’ve already got a half a dozen people definitely coming with me to Canmore again when you’re there this winter.

Your attitude about live music, your commitment to touring and your damned virtuosic talents are way more than reason enough to make the trip to see you anytime you’re within reach.

Keep on keepin’ on, man.

Nathan Wood

13 times this guy’s been to see Wil! I aspire to hit that number and beyond! (can you tell that I like this guy’s music? 😉 )

If I’ve piqued your interest, check out the tour dates section on Wil’s website for a complete list of dates and show information. He’s heading as far east as Winnipeg and hitting places like Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino in between. He’s even coming back to Cumberland! You can bet BH and I will be there. WHOOT!

More information on Wil and the upcoming tour…

The “Wil-1975″ TOUR – Vancouver Island-based musician Wil has been called many things throughout his storied musical career. Songwriter. Roots Rock Performer. Travelling Troubadour. Impassioned Guitarsman. And there’s no question that Wil is all of these things, but something that has never been said about him is that maybe, just maybe, Wil was born at the wrong time. Maybe instead of working so hard to be heard in 2010, Wil should’ve been out hitting the road back in 1975. It is with this concept in mind (more HERE) that Wil plans to hit the road, solo, with just his guitars and a hand built stomp box for a 3-week tour of Western Canada. It is in this Intimate setting that Wil will perform: with highlights from his latest album In This Together as well as showcasing a few new songs from his upcoming NEW release.  The tour starts in Victoria on November 18th and runs though December 11th.


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You all know that the writer in me likes to set the story up right, so today is no different. Sorry. No long stories short on this one either.

Some of you may know that I’m a fan of CBC Radio. Some of you may know that one of my favourite programs is the Vinyl Cafe. When we moved to Comox last summer, I got wind that Stuart was bringing the show west and so I immediately snagged tickets for BH and I. BH wasn’t overly keen (mostly because he was UNAWARE of the infamous Dave and Morley stories), but he was willing to accompany me, because he loves me. One of the reasons I love him.

Fast forward to the night of the show and who does Stuart have with him, but MATT ANDERSEN! Love, love, love this guy’s voice! I’d first heard him on Vinyl Cafe, but I’d never imagined that he’d be touring with Stuart and be there that night.

Dream come true. Matt Andersen *and* Vinyl Cafe? Wow. It didn’t get any better than that!

As an interesting sidenote, BH also loved Matt’s music and in fact, Matt’s performance inspired us to buy ourselves our own guitars! While we’re not quite ready to join the ranks of Matt just yet, we are trying! We’ve got Yankee Doodle memorized and almost down pat.

Fast forward again to a couple of weeks ago and my beady little eyes spot in the paper that Matt is coming to town. Well, to Cumberland,  which is the next town over.

So, again I snag tickets, noting that Matt’s touring with this guy named, Wil.

Alright then. Should be good.

Hah! Was I wrong.

It wasn’t good. It was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME. The guy rocks and BH and I became instant fans. We could not stop grinning the entire time he performed.

So, now I’ll do the long story short…

If you have a chance to catch these two as they travel across Canada, do it! RUN now and get tickets. These guys are phenomenal and sell out fast, especially since they like to play cozy venues where everyone can just hang out and mix.

If you can appreciate honest lyrics, unbelievable guitar talent, and amazing vocals, then these guys will not disappoint.

I promise.

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