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A Dog’s Life – Part II

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Remy has discovered that he can lick beyond the bounds of his cone of shame and so now must wear this frock for protection.

Of course, this only adds to his abject misery.

We’re calling him, “Bo Peep.”

“Peep” for short. πŸ˜‰


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Life in our household has been hectic, but good. The house is being kept tidy 24/7, so (in theory) we don’t have to scramble when our realtor calls with a request for a “showing.” It’s a pretty good system. Seems I might think about it implementing it on a regular basis. πŸ˜‰

Besides that, we’re watching Remy closely to ensure that he does not overexert himself as he was “tutored” yesterday. Adding insult to injury, he’s having to wear “the cone of shame,” which he does not like, but then what dog would?

In addition to that, the girls have spent the first part of the week at Swim Camp with their head coach and have had a lot of fun and learned a bajillion things.

And spring has sprung, so the bulbs are all up and I’ve been having fun planting primroses and pansies.

What’s new in your zoo?


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