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A bit ago, my dear auntie shared this very cool website with me…recipes that are both artistic and yummy. You can visit HERE and you can also subscribe to their postings so that you have a little bit of cheer waiting for you in your mailbox each morning. πŸ™‚

An example:

From the website: They Draw and Cook


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Well, Christmas is just around the corner and I must say that I am mostly prepared. It took some doing, but the Christmas Cards have been mailed (look for yours in your mailbox soon), the presents are all in the house (although not yet wrapped), and while the girls and I did do some Christmas baking, it has now been scarfed down, as well as shared appropriately with friends and so we now need to whip up some more. That’ll be easy enough though, as three helpers in the kitchen make it a very expedient process. Perhaps, I should ask Santa for a commercial kitchen?!

The first of our company (my sister!) arrives tomorrow via West Jet. Although we had a good little catch-up in November when I was home for my cousin’s wedding, we’re really looking forward to her arrival, as she’ll be staying a week. We’ll be able to chat lots. πŸ™‚

BH’s mom and dad arrive next Wednesday and will also spend Christmas with us. We saw them in November too, but that was an even quicker visit, so it’ll be good to catch-up with them, as well. It will also be nice to set out BH’s grandmother’s china and do up a proper Christmas table. I do adore a pretty table adorned with a fabulous meal. However, I do need to source out some fresh cranberries (I HATE the canned stuff)…do you have any where you are? Comox seems to be out!

How’s your Christmas shaping up so far? Is Santa bringing anything or anyone special to your house?

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Snowflake Wreath

Our house is busy getting busier. I’m sure yours is much the same considering the holidays are almost upon us all.

Remy and Rio are now having regular play intervals in which they both have a lot of fun. We do have to supervise things though as Rio can get a little too rough for the pup and so his wrestling needs to be corralled somewhat.

In other news, I’m writing another exam on Wednesday, so fingers crossed for that one. Actually, now that I think about it, nix that. No fingers crossed as it’s online, so I need my fingers uncrossed and functioning well if I want my answers to be coherent!

We have just put up our Christmas decorations throughout the house and our tree is partly done. The lights are strung upon it, but the decorations have yet to be added as last night BH and I were dead dog tired and not quite in the right mood to be festive. Tonight though! Perhaps, I’ll even convince BH to help string some lights outside too. πŸ™‚

Despite my shenanigans with Christmas Cards in November, I still haven’t written out any. I do have the beginnings of a Christmas letter started somewhere on the back of a study sheet for my course, but I’ll have to dig through all my notes to find it. After my test, of course.

So, there it is…just a quick update to keep you in the loop. Hope you are all well and enjoying the season!

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