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Snow Schnoodle

It’s safe to say that our my life has pretty much revolved around Remy this past week. I’m not complaining (much) as that’s how it should be…he is, after all, just a baby. However, I will moan just a little over the fact that I had somehow blocked from my mind just how “high maintenance” puppies are.

The quickest refresher in puppy pandemonium is that everything is based upon housetraining. Therefore, our life with Remy consists of two modes: relaxed and apprehensive. Relaxed occurs in the first 5 minutes after he has come in from outside and there has been a successful “hurry, hurry.” At this point, we are absolutely certain there is no way his little bladder is holding any more urine. Apprehensive describes the rest of the time!

Fish Pond

Other than housetraining, I shouldn’t moan too much, though. Not only is he adorable, he’s smart and energetic and he only had a rough first night in regards to sleeping. Now, he’s kenneling throughout the night without any messes or whimpers for a solid nine hours (knock on wood!), so that’s pretty impressive in my book.

He’s also engaging Rio in play and it looks like within another week or two, they are going to be good buddies. 🙂

Comox Inukshuk

In other noteworthy news, we’ve had snow here on the Island! Twice in three days! And it’s sticking! Not to brag about being hardcore or anything, but the temperature is dipping down to -11C tonight. 😉

Seriously, it’s nice to have the snow, even if the cold might do some damage to some of the plants. The kids have had a blast building an inukshuk (you can take them out of the north, but you can’t take the north out of them!) and today, there is talk of tobogganing.

What about you? What’s new in your zoo? Got snow? Temps to brag and/or moan about?

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Well, there’s a puppy in the house. He was a decision made during the summer and wasn’t technically arriving until after the cruise, but the long story short is that life changes and so he arrived last night.

Due to BH’s and middle BD’s allergies, he is another schnoodle (they are hypoallergenic and don’t cause the previous two to sneeze and wheeze) and of course, he’s as cute as a button.

We’ve named him Remy. His middle name is Tumu, which means “deer thinking about eating wild onions.”  We all thought having a name with such a literal translation was hilarious (it was late–we were giddy–we were tired–we’re freaks…what can I say? 😉 )

The big dog, Rio, is angry and would have nothing to do with him at first, but is now showing some signs of coming around. Definitely, there is indifference in his attitude, but it’s an “out of the corner of his eye” indifference and there is the occasional tail wag on his part, so I know things will work out.


In the meantime though, Rio is getting more love than ever as we go out of our way to make sure he’s not ignored what with Remy, the fluffball, being so adorable.

So…interrupted sleep, busy days (he pees ALOT!), high squeaky voices as we “puppy talk” and general mayhem–such is our life at the moment. It’s all good though…there’s a puppy in the house!

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Doing the Deadline

C’est fini!

Next time I’m doing a course (I’ll start another in just a few short weeks), can someone please remind me that watching too much hockey and/or visiting on the pool deck with friends is not at all conducive to getting my homework done?

Burning the Midnight Oil

Thanks! I appreciate it! It’ll make my life a lot easier!

I’ve no one to blame but myself, but these last two weeks I definitely felt like I was in high school again as I ignored my work and then had to cram my days full with assignments in order to meet my course deadline. In terms of shining scholastic moments, it was not one of my brightest, even though I pulled As on everything.

Live and learn though, right? That’s what it’s all about. So, I won’t do that again, but I did reaffirm that I do work well under pressure — minus the whole snappy, snarly attitude thing, of course!

So, another course under my belt. This one, Child Growth and Development. It took me a looooooooong time to get motivated (as you may have surmised), but once I got going and also got over the dry textbook, the material was very engaging and enlightening. I only need to write the exam for this bad boy and then I’m onto Guidance and Discipline.

Got deadlines? Need a kick in the pants? You’ve come to the right place! You kick me, I’ll kick you! It’s a promise!

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Having seen Wil perform live once before, having bought all his albums, having bought his wife’s jewelry to commemorate what an AWESOME time BH and I had that night, and then having met and chatted with Caroline (his wife) when she delivered said jewelry, I feel it is my obligation as both your friend, fellow blogger, music lover and human being to pass along the information I received in Wil’s latest newsletter… Wil is on tour!

I guarantee that if you can appreciate a good song, you will LOVE seeing him live…sadly though, he will RUIN you for other live performances. He is just that great.

This is what one fan had to say…


Wanted to leave this comment on your blog, but couldn’t seem to get it to work. Ah well. Just wanted to say that it was one of your shows, 6 or so years ago at Wild Bill’s in Banff, that got me really and truly hooked on live music. Your energy, passion and skill are totally unique and I was lucky enough to see you for the 13th time this past April at Knox United in Calgary (and the Tuesday before that at the Drake in Canmore!). 30-40 shows a year and I always look forward to being in front of your stage more than any other artist; bringing new people to your shows every single time to try and bring them into the fold. I’ve already got a half a dozen people definitely coming with me to Canmore again when you’re there this winter.

Your attitude about live music, your commitment to touring and your damned virtuosic talents are way more than reason enough to make the trip to see you anytime you’re within reach.

Keep on keepin’ on, man.

Nathan Wood

13 times this guy’s been to see Wil! I aspire to hit that number and beyond! (can you tell that I like this guy’s music? 😉 )

If I’ve piqued your interest, check out the tour dates section on Wil’s website for a complete list of dates and show information. He’s heading as far east as Winnipeg and hitting places like Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino in between. He’s even coming back to Cumberland! You can bet BH and I will be there. WHOOT!

More information on Wil and the upcoming tour…

The “Wil-1975″ TOUR – Vancouver Island-based musician Wil has been called many things throughout his storied musical career. Songwriter. Roots Rock Performer. Travelling Troubadour. Impassioned Guitarsman. And there’s no question that Wil is all of these things, but something that has never been said about him is that maybe, just maybe, Wil was born at the wrong time. Maybe instead of working so hard to be heard in 2010, Wil should’ve been out hitting the road back in 1975. It is with this concept in mind (more HERE) that Wil plans to hit the road, solo, with just his guitars and a hand built stomp box for a 3-week tour of Western Canada. It is in this Intimate setting that Wil will perform: with highlights from his latest album In This Together as well as showcasing a few new songs from his upcoming NEW release.  The tour starts in Victoria on November 18th and runs though December 11th.

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