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So, for the longest time we’ve needed a new cordless phone. We’ve had ours for a number of years and it has served us well, but lately it’s been wearing out and acting up.

First, the keypad is getting stuck, so that all of a sudden I’ve dialed 2503333333333333. Two or three times in a row.

Second, it often gets this psychic thing going, where it dials what it senses is the appropriate number. I wouldn’t mind if it could get it right, but it never does and I have to admit, I’m getting tired of apologizing to strangers.

I was tolerating the previous two complaints, but now the straw has finally broken this camel’s back! Where the battery was before just “kind of/maybe” failing, now it’s draining charge like a bathtub losing water. Consequently, for the last week we’ve had to stand right beside the homebase while talking, which–under normal circumstances–might be like using an “old fashioned” phone and perhaps fun, but these are not normal circumstances.

Rather, these are unusual and unfun circumstances.

Mostly because in order to get to the homebase, one has to squeeze between my desk, bookshelf and guitar which leaves one with about 8 square inches of standing room, IF one bends over and then twists to avoid the lamp and the printer.

It’s not very dignified and it’s damned annoying to have people crawling all over my stuff while they’re chatting.

Plus, there’s no privacy. Hello?! I’m your mother! I didn’t want to hear that!

So, why the hold up on getting a replacement? It’s not the money, but rather my sentimental soul (I know, hard to believe I have one after the mini-rant, but I do!).

On our answering machine there are two messages that I’ve been saving–messages from people who don’t call anymore and never will again. They are right at the beginning of the recording space and when we come home from somewhere and I press “play”, my heart just smiles when I hear those lovely angels.

To say the least, I was feeling decidedly gloomy about having to purchase a replacement phone/answering machine. But then (LIGHTBULB!), I remembered this great program that the girls had from school last year called Audacity. Basically, it’s a recording/editing program. I fired up that puppy, plugged in the microphone, clicked “record” on the computer and pressed “play” on the answering machine and now I have my angels recorded in three different sound formats.

Life is good. 🙂

Call me!

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It’s official. Another year has come and gone. 🙂

While today is no surprise (after all, I’ve been celebrating on this day for awhile now), the birthday party BH threw before he left for hunting was. It was even complete with my dear SIL who lives in another province!

I must say BH caught me completely off guard.

*Note to self (and others), throwing surprise birthday party works best if it’s done 10 days beforehand!

And while I’m here, Happy Birthday to my bestest Birthday Buddy, Cathy!

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Walking Down Memory Lane

The girls’ swim team’s website crashed and burned hard last week. It’s a long song and dance, but basically the web host dumped it, couldn’t retrieve the archives, yada, yada, yada…the club president eventually threatened war or something similar (it was his baby and he’d spent all summer working on it), after which the web host eventually got it back online.

In the meantime though, there was some frantic scrambling to save what we could from the archives. After it became apparent that we wouldn’t need to, I took a little trip down my own memory lane and visited the archives of Meretta Pater dot com via The Internet Archive WayBack Machine.

Wow! Wasn’t that a whole other life, a whole other lifetime ago! It made me just nostalgic enough to want to bring over a bunch of posts that I didn’t transfer to my wordpress blog when I closed that chapter of my life.

For those of you that just show up and read the current stuff here, you won’t notice the extra infusion in the archives. For those of you who subscribe though, you will notice that over the next while there will be random posts popping up from 2006-2009.

Bear with me if you’ve read them before! At the very least, they might provide a measuring stick with which you can walk down your own memory lane. At the very most, I hope they provide some enjoyment. 🙂

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1. Be sure that the last month has been overwhelming in terms of deadlines and events.

2. Have a little extra cash available.

3. Wake up to dreary and rainy weather that makes you wish for a sunny sky.

4. Have an open schedule.

So, this morning I woke up and realized that the girls and I have NOTHING to do this weekend except make swim practice tomorrow morning at zero dark buffalo. Once that’s done, we are footloose and fancy free. No meetings, no paperwork, no school and since BH is off hunting, not even a real schedule for mealtimes.

Then I checked my email and saw WestJet had some really good deals for flights to Los Angeles. Hmmm…we’ve not been to Disneyland. Hmmm…the crop is off and there’s some money in the bank. Hmmm…hmmm….hmmm…

A cooler head has since prevailed as I thought of who will look after the Guinea Pigs and the dog–hard to take them on vacation, but seriously… I almost jumped.


Instead we’ll do a “stay”cation. Or perhaps we’ll head to Seattle. I’ve never been to Seattle! Or Victoria. Or maybe we’ll head north and explore the wilds of the Island.

Or maybe we’ll just go to the movies. 🙂

What’s your most impulsive moment?

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Driving home in a light rain last week, I pulled up to our driveway, but parked on the street as BH was in the garage packing up the entire house for his upcoming hunting trip.

Getting out of the car, I noticed there was water streaming down the street and that it originated from halfway up our driveway. I investigated and lo and behold, the overflow pipe from our water main connection was, well, …overflowing.

Hmmmm…not normal.

I pointed it out to BH and he agreed, but downplayed my concerns, citing that it was “just the rain”…”a clog probably worked loose”…”it’ll sort itself out”…”no need for concern right now”…”you worry too much.”

Obviously, he was more concerned with packing.

Old Faithful

After deciding it wasn’t worth an argument (yet), I went inside and did what I do best, I GOOGLED.

Just as I suspected, I determined that all sorts of horrible scenarios could be occurring and so I was ready to fight for my cause by the time BH wandered in.

Again, the downplaying on his part, but I rallied hard and even got to the point of screeching I’m sure, because his eyebrows raised in surprise at my vehemence.

Eventually, I wore him down and he promised we’d call someone if it didn’t stop within an hour. Turns out we called before the hour was up, as geysers started spewing at the end of our driveway.

The town was called and despite it being after hours, they showed up really quick. Descriptions of geysers tend to that, I think.

A nice fellow turned off our water main, hooked us up to the neighbor’s water via a garden hose and we waited until morning for the “BIG GUY” to come and take a look. We were hoping it was the town’s liability, but no such luck. Turns out our water main which is composed of the dreaded Poly B is broken…somewhere under our driveway and/or garage.

Option #1, rip out all the concrete and fix it. Option #2, rip up the lawn and divert a new water main around the house, cut concrete, come in through a wall, follow the ceiling and run the pipe over to where it’s supposed to be in the crawlspace.

We’re going with Option #2.

They start work in the a.m. and for less money than my worrisome nature imagined (thank heavens!) and they tell me it’s only supposed to take a day. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Well, I never knew that a body could be so busy.

After a week fraught with event after event and deadline after deadline, there was a beeeaaautiful ending to it all — the delivery of our new baby…

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Circle of Love

Circle of Love

We are each a unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly into Life. We do not have to justify ourselves or explain ourselves or be other than we are, for what we are doing is perfect for our evolution. We cannot judge ourselves or judge another person, for we never know where they are on their pathway.

We can love ourselves. We can awaken to love and allow ourselves to live in the place of joy where the positive changes happen automatically. We are perfect just the way we are.

Every one of us has an enormous well of love within, and when we allow it to come forth, it flows out of us. It is an endless supply. Think of everyone that you have met today or think of people who are special to you. Let the love flow out from your heart to these people. Feel your heart opening right now. And even if it is open, let it open more.

Remember, the heart works in two ways. You not only give it out, but you get it back. Let the love come in. Let yourself feel full. Move it in your mind, from heart to heart, from hand to hand. As it goes ’round and ’round and ’round, feel this circle of love.

Say to yourself every morning when you get up: Today I give love, and today I receive love. Let this be the fire that you carry in your heart. And so it is.

May your day be filled with love.

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