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Here in the Comox Valley, the snowbirds are back. Not just those folks that head south for the winter, but also 431 Squadron.

Each spring The Snowbirds arrive in the Valley to practice their flight formations. Us lucky residents get to see them perform daily and it sure is fun. πŸ™‚

Having been posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake for a number of years, we are quite accustomed to the sound of the F-18s and it makes my heart smile to hear the Tutors as they are out practicing.

If you want to see if the Snowbirds will be coming to your area this season, click HERE.

In case you haven’t ever had the opportunity to see The Snowbirds, click HERE for a brief video of them practicing here at 19 Wing Comox.

In the meantime, some information to peruse:

THE HATITEN RONTERIIOS (Warriors of the air)

An Iroquois Indian’s head

Battle Honours:
English Channel and North Sea 1943-1944, Baltic 1943-1944, Fortress Europe 1943-1944, France and Germany 1944-1945, Biscay Ports 1943-1944, Ruhr 1943-1945, Berlin 1943-1944, German Ports 1943-1945, Normandy 1944, Rhine, Biscay 1943-1944

Quick History:
On 11 November 1942, 431 Bomber Squadron formed at Burn, England. They were in England for the duration of the war and moved to RCAF Station Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, after V-E Day, disbanding there on 5 September 1945. 431 Fighter Squadron formed at RCAF Station Bagotville on 18 January 1954 in order to display the Sabre to the public at airshows. They were disbanded on 1 October 1954.

They were re-activated on 1 April 1978 as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, more commonly known as the Snowbirds, flying the CT-114 Tutor. On 15 October 1999, 431 Sqn was presented their Squadron Colours, for 25 years of service.

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You all know that the writer in me likes to set the story up right, so today is no different. Sorry. No long stories short on this one either.

Some of you may know that I’m a fan of CBC Radio. Some of you may know that one of my favourite programs is the Vinyl Cafe. When we moved to Comox last summer, I got wind that Stuart was bringing the show west and so I immediately snagged tickets for BH and I. BH wasn’t overly keen (mostly because he was UNAWARE of the infamous Dave and Morley stories), but he was willing to accompany me, because he loves me. One of the reasons I love him.

Fast forward to the night of the show and who does Stuart have with him, but MATT ANDERSEN! Love, love, love this guy’s voice! I’d first heard him on Vinyl Cafe, but I’d never imagined that he’d be touring with Stuart and be there that night.

Dream come true. Matt Andersen *and* Vinyl Cafe? Wow. It didn’t get any better than that!

As an interesting sidenote, BH also loved Matt’s music and in fact, Matt’s performance inspired us to buy ourselves our own guitars! While we’re not quite ready to join the ranks of Matt just yet, we are trying! We’ve got Yankee Doodle memorized and almost down pat.

Fast forward again to a couple of weeks ago and my beady little eyes spot in the paper that Matt is coming to town. Well, to Cumberland,Β  which is the next town over.

So, again I snag tickets, noting that Matt’s touring with this guy named, Wil.

Alright then. Should be good.

Hah! Was I wrong.

It wasn’t good. It was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME. The guy rocks and BH and I became instant fans. We could not stop grinning the entire time he performed.

So, now I’ll do the long story short…

If you have a chance to catch these two as they travel across Canada, do it! RUN now and get tickets. These guys are phenomenal and sell out fast, especially since they like to play cozy venues where everyone can just hang out and mix.

If you can appreciate honest lyrics, unbelievable guitar talent, and amazing vocals, then these guys will not disappoint.

I promise.

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Whoa. It’s been awhile.

Christmas 2008.

Really?That was my last blog post?


If you’ve been hanging around waiting for something to pop up, I apologize.


I am a wretched, wretched blogger. Of that, there is no doubt.

But I’m here now. Does that count?

Probably it shouldn’t, as I’ve only shown up because I’m supposed to be studying for an Anthropology final instead. See? My motivation is purely selfish. I’m a wretched, wretched person, as well.

Don’t get me wrong about anthropology though. The subject matter is immensely interesting, it’s just that I’m not in the mood to study. But then, I wasn’t yesterday, either. Instead of studying then, I organized the caller list on our phone. Scintillating stuff.

So, yeah…I guess I’d better stop procrastinating and get to down to work.

Anything you want to avoid? Tell me about it. I’ll be your procrastination.

p.s. Happy Easter!

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