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That time of year of again!

Enjoy a piece of birthday cake!

And please help send special birthday wishes to my birthday buddy, Cathy Pegau, fellow ATIII finalist!


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1. They make Mouse Ears for dogs!

2. Walt Disney World is huge! And fun! And they call you Princess even if you are 35!

3. My youngest daughter is an adrenaline junkie — she and I did every knock-your-socks-off ride there was at least twice while my other two daughters were quite content to get wild on the teacups by putting their hands up!

4. I love my sister’s laugh — really, I already knew this, but it was so nice to see (and hear) her again. πŸ™‚

5. The Magical Kingdom is not always a fun place — just a friendly remember to everyone visiting the MOUSE to take your naps every day! People are watching when you…

a. snap

b. criticize

c. chastise

          d. yell and/or

          e. pinch your children or spouse

            6. Cirque du Soleil ROCKS! If I didn’t have a family, I’d run away and join the circus!

            7. Cheap airline tickets are not necessarily a desirable way to travel…unless you like not having any sleep!

            8. Despite what you may think, meeting the Disney characters is fun. I think my favorite was Eeyore.

            9. After Disney, you need a week to catch up on all the sleep you lost.

            10. Homeschoolers in the USA do not receive funding! What’s up with that!?

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