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Okay, I know I’ve slipped up again regarding the blog posts, but I’ve busy readying the family for a trip to Disney World.

We are really, really, really excited to be going and know that we’ll have a fantastic time.

And can you believe, it’s all in the name of school? We’re part of a group of nearly 400 homeschoolers that are meeting up in Florida and partaking in all sorts of special programs ranging from chemistry experiments to a behind the scenes look at Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba.

What a great way to learn!

Now if Hanna and Gustav will just behave, it will be a stress free vacation!


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Frosty Hollow Schoolhouse

Frosty Hollow Schoolhouse

Ah, good old school has started again in our house. Normally, we don’t take much of a summer vacation, only a week or so break and then we segue into next year’s work. This year though, a bit of life stuff happened (just like last year!) and so we ended up taking nearly two months off just like the public school kids. During our time off, we had good friends come visit for two weeks, plus I started a new job…(more on that in a post to come)…and we went fishing and camping. A lot. All in all, it was a good summer vacation.

How was yours?

p.s. The wedding and visit home were great…details and photos are forthcoming!

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Wedding Bells

So, I’m out of here for a few days. My very dear sister-in-law and her guy are tying the knot on Friday in Calgary and I’m headed back to Alberta for a few days to help celebrate the nuptials.

After the wedding on Friday (O8-08-08), I’m off to Lougheed to visit with my side of the family and take in the familiar sights of the prairies…and of course, to check out this year’s wheat and canola crops. You can take the girl out of the prairies, but you can’t take the prairie out of the girl!

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Sunset view from Dry Bones Bay

Sunset view from Dry Bones Bay

Here in Yellowknife, we’re slowly sliding back into dark nights. In June we had a 24 hour day, but that’s behind us now and we’re definitely seeing some darkness in our evenings (at least a couple of hours).

Soon, we’ll be counting how many hours of light we get rather than dark. Strange how we go from one extreme to the other. It definitely takes some adjustment.

For me, the long days affected our camping the most. It’s difficult to tell an effective ghost story when it’s not dark out. And roasting marshmallows just isn’t the same in the daylight.

Besides camping, there are no fireworks here on Canada Day, so that’s a bit disappointing. However, Yellowknife more than makes up for that with the grand finale of the Snowking Festival in March. What a show!

When friends Ray and Michelle were here to visit in July, because of the lack of visual cues, they were surprised how late it could get without them realizing. Needless to say, we had a few late nights, which was great, because it’s always good to spend time with friends. πŸ™‚

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